Jeremiah Nichol

URGENT!!  5th Grade is performin at the 2017 DARE Festival on May 2nd!  Thousands in Attendance!  



Welcome to Mr. Nichol's Home Page!   I love  teaching music to kids and have an abundance of  information to give to them regarding performance and technology.  Can't wait to see you at the next concert!

Visit the Lesson Plans Page for ongoing studies.

 The "Useful Links" page includes many links for Apple,  Android, Chrome, and PC based music software most of  which is FREE!  

Visit our newly expanded Music, Games, and Links for your child page too!  

Don’t forget our friend Quaver!  

My Favorite Gorilla from Pittsate Welcomes everyone back to a great year!

I come to Easton School District from the Leavenworth U.S.D. 453 school district with great anticipation of our first days together.  I plan on making musical enjoyable and interactive for all students. 2016-2017 marks my 12th year as a music teacher!

I have a wife, Annie, and 4 children:  Jack, Ellie, Jonah, and Madeline.  Annie went to school here and now I get to teach here too!  We live in Leavenworth and enjoy the area.

In addition to teaching I have extensive experience in performance with a former band of mine opening for such acts as The Gin Blossoms, The Urge, and Blood Sweat & Tears.  

Currently I DJ nearly every weekend around the KC metro and beyond.  I’m always willing to share my knowledge of music with the kids and will gear them to be professional in every aspect of their performance.  My emphasis is on technology!

Some Incredible Talent I've worked with Professionally! - Corporate Comedian and Motivational Speaker - AWESOME performance painter! - Top Shelf Mentalist from KC – Brian Collins from Atlanta GA came to our school twice in 2015-2016 and sang with our kids. Phenomenal person. Thanks Brian!



My personal homepage is at either JF Productions or KCDJ.PRO and thanks!

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