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Nicole Yunker

Welcome to 6th Grade Math and 6th Grade Earth Science!


6th Grade Math - Students begin the year reviewing what they have previously learned about number properties and decimals.  They will then move on by building on those skills as they study number theory, fraction operations, ratios, and percents.  Students use those skills to then learn about integers and rational numbers.  Algebraic expressions and equations are introduced to students as well.  Students end the year studying the coordinate plane, geometry, measurement, and wrap everything up with a unit on data and graphs.


6th Grade Science - Students begin the year studying Geological Processes in which they learn about Earth’s Surface and History.  Students then move into an unit on Earth’s Water and Atmosphere.  During this unit students focus on learning about weather and climate.  Students will have an unit on Earth and Human Activity.  Students will then wrap up the year with an unit on Space Science.  In this unit, students will explore the Universe, Solar System, Earth-Moon-Sun System and space.