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Community Note from the Superintendent

Posted Date: 10/09/2020

Community Note from the Superintendent


I am VERY pleased with the fact that USD 449 has been able to start our school year 100% in-person for those families and students who have chosen that learning platform.  I sense that our community, students, staff, and Board of Education overwhelmingly support in-person learning.  Keeping in-person learning viable at Pleasant Ridge compels me to reach out to you today.

For the safety of our students, faculty, and staff, I need your help.  We have recently begun to see a rise in the number of students, siblings, and parents being tested for COVID-19.  Thankfully, we have not seen a sharp increase in the number of students testing positive, at the time of my writing.  There are, however, several circumstances that could arise from the current climate surrounding our schools as it relates to in-person learning.

First of all, students, or families, who are sick or are awaiting the results of COVID-19 testing should not be attending school.  If someone in your family is awaiting test results, PLEASE keep your entire family at home until the results are known.  Accidental school spread by a student within our buildings could be the trigger that causes USD 449 into Remote Learning for hundreds of students and their families.

Secondly, aside from the obvious concern of spreading COVID-19 and the potential problems that would cause, an escalating number of quarantines may well be just as harmful to our ability to remain in in-person learning.  Pleasant Ridge staff, to include teachers, support staff, and bus drivers are running very thin right now.  Literally, an event that caused a number of our staff or drivers to quarantine for 14 days could leave us in a very precarious position.

Please, we need your help in order to maintain in-person learning for our students. 

**If someone in your home is going to be tested for COVID-19 or is waiting for results, please let your children work from home until those results come in.

**If your child has a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19, please allow your student to work from home until symptoms have subsided

**If your student has been in close contact with a known positive COVID-19 case, please contact the Leavenworth County Health Department.


Ultimately, it takes our community and our schools working in harmony to achieve our goals of having students in our hallways and activities that our students love.  It takes everyone to keep us safe and to keep us in school.

Thank you, in advance, for your help and cooperation. 

Tim Beying

Superintendent Easton 449