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Congratulations PRHS Scholar's Bowl...NEK League Champions!

Posted Date: 01/19/2021

Congratulations PRHS Scholar's Bowl...NEK League Champions!

Students also need quick fingers to buzz-in to answer questions. Students compete against other schools' teams to be the first to answer correctly 16 questions over topics ranging from World Languages, Math, Language Arts, Science & Health, Social Studies (from ancient events to psychology), fine arts (music, drama, visual arts) and current events. 

This year's successful season is approaching its end.  Regional competition will be Monday, February 1 and we are hoping they will be headed to State on February 13. 

This year the varsity team has reached several team goals. The team wanted to get at least three first place finishes and score over 2,500 points for the year. At this point of the season, the Varsity team has had four 1st Place finishes (one of those earning them NEK League Champions) and two 2nd Place finishes. They have amassed 2,845 points in 35 rounds of play. Their current record is 33 wins and 2 losses in 35 rounds. Competition has been stiff if only two round losses separated them from having all first place finishes at their meets this season. 

The young JV team has not had as many meets, but has done well placing 5th twice and 17th in a large virtual meet. They have scored 830 points and are on track to meet their goal of 1,000 points. Many JV team members have also had the opportunity to fill out our competitor table or substitute in rounds to get valuable experience for next year.

The 2020-2021 Scholars Bowl team members are seniors: Christopher Raithel, Justice Burris, & Seth Harper; juniors: Emily Mattox & Loral Kruid Sophomore: Tristina Martin; freshmen: Coben Hoppe, Dylan Guenther, Cameron Perazzola, Lilly Jessup & Adelyn Rempel.