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Easton Unified School District is committed to providing students a 21st Century education to prepare them for college and a career.  Our district encompasses 117 square miles in northwest Leavenworth County.  The district has one high school, middle school, and elementary school serving 640 students.  Easton employs 58 licensed faculty and 46 support staff members.

In 2012, patrons approved a $4 million dollar bond issue to add thirteen classrooms to Pleasant Ridge Elementary School.  The thirteen room addition includes a state-of-the- art technology classroom, tornado shelter, and within every classroom a 70" interactive TV instructional system.

Easton School District is committed to provide every student a first class technology education program to ensure our students succeed in a highly competitive 21st Century college and career oriented society. Every student in the school district has an iPad or laptop computer to use as a result of a board approved Technology Integration program.  All three schools have a licensed technology instructor to instruct students in up-to-date technology skills.

Easton USD #449 offers a comprehensive K-12 educational program including special education, pre-school, at-risk services, college preparatory and technology education programs.  The curriculum is highly regarded combination of proven basics and innovation.  Groups representing school, home, and community continually monitor and improve curriculum to increase student achievement.  The curriculum is guided by the district vision, mission and high expectations for what students will know and be able to do.  It is also shaped by standards and assessments of student performance, educational research and best practices.  Our faculty, administration and staff members are committed to developing life-long learners who are well prepared for college and a career.

District Infromation

Graduation rate 95.2%
Students enrolling in higher education 84.6%
Number of teachers and administrators 58
Number of licensed staff with a Masters' Degree 40
Average years of experience for licensed staff 16
Elementary student to teacher ratio 16.7 to 1
Middle school student to teacher ratio 13.6 to 1
High school student to teacher ratio 13.7 to 1




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