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Grade and subject

What’s coming up in class in the month of May:

Mrs. Gurss

6th grade ELA

May will be a busy month in 6th grade ELA. We will wrap up our Daily Grammar Practice with doing a week of worth on our own for a grade. Students will also be  taking a posttest that matches the pretest we took in August so we can see how much we’ve improved our grammar knowledge from the beginning of the year! The students have gotten much more proficient in identifying parts of speech for words in a sentence, clauses, subject and predicate, types of sentences and their functions along with when to use different types of punctuation. I think they will be pleasantly surprised at how much growth they show.  The students are currently working on their 4th quarter book project by experiencing the thrill of deciding DVD cover designing as they are pretending that the book they read will be made into a movie. Writing teasers and cover design is challenging fun!  Student DVD covers are due Friday, May 5 and their book project movie trailer is due on Friday,  May 19. During May we will also finish our 2nd semester novel study on A Wrinkle in Time.  So far we are three chapters in and the students are eager to continue this science fiction adventure. We will be all done and students must have their test completed by the end of the day May 22. We will also be incorporating ELA in our 6th grade PBL project covering ancient Rome that we will work on from May 5-22. What a busy ending to a super year!

Mrs. Gurss

6th grade 

World History

Students will be thinking all things Rome during most of the month as we immerse ourselves into a Project Based Learning project on ancient Rome. We will kick off the project on Friday, May 5 and work to have a product ready to share with the public on Monday, May 22. Be watching for your special invitation to our sharing event. In the final days of the year we will do some quick exploration of the Middle Ages in other parts of the world too.

Mrs. Yunker

6th grade Math 

In the month of May we will wrap up the year with a unit on Data and Graphs.  During this unit students will be learning how to determine the mean, median, mode, and range of a set of data.  Students will be constructing frequency tables, dot plots, box and whisker plots, and histograms using data provided.  Students will end the unit with being able to use measures of variability to compare data sets, relate the shape of the data to how the data is distributed and identify statistical questions from data.

Mrs. Yunker

6th grade Science In science, students will continue studying about The Earth-Moon-Sun System.  Students will determine how Earth’s days, years, and seasons relate to the way Earth moves in space.  Students will understand the moon phases, eclipses and how the Earth, moon, and sun affect each other.

Mr. Baxter

7th grade ELA

Our time during the final month of the school year will be focused on two major endeavors. The students will be creating a nonlinear narrative using a coding program (Scratch). Being able to code is becoming more and more valued, as this develops the student's digital language skills. We will also be reading a graphic novel together, this may be a written form some of them are used to but new to others. As always, we will continue to develop reading comprehension and grammar skills.

Mrs. Meyer

7th grade

Kansas History

Students are beginning their research project on Asia.  They will be making an Animoto presentation of their country.  Next they will be assigned a country in Africa to research and create a presentation.  Students will travel to Providence Medical Center Amphitheatre on May 2 for the DARE festival.  The 7th grade field trip to the Kansas City Zoo is scheduled for May 16.

Mrs. Martin 

7th grade Math 

This month we will then be finishing Chapter 8 Analyzing Data.  They will learn to identify a random sample and to write a survey question.  They will learn to estimate population size using proportions.  They will use data from random samples to draw inferences about population.  Then they will compare data about two populations by using measures of center and measures of variability.  Lastly we will work on Chapter 9 Probability.  We will be working with probability and experimental probability, sample spaces, compound events, and simulating compound events. 

Ms. Miller  

7th grade

Life Science

The Human Body​. We will be studying the different body systems - skeletal and

muscular, circulatory and respiratory, digestive and excretory, and nervous and

endocrine systems. We are also going to be talking about ecosystems and biomes.

At the end of the quarter, students will be dissecting frogs.

Mrs. Rebarchek

8th grade ELA

Students will continue their research and study of WWII and the Holocaust accented with 
The Diary of Anne Frank.  The final unit for the year will be a poetry unit with poster project showcasing three types of poems. 

Mrs. Meyer

8th grade 

American History

Students are finishing the year studying the Civil War.  They will be turning in their research paper they completed on a famous person in American history..  Look for the styrofoam ball representation, their research paper, and visual aid display on Fine Arts Night, May 5.  They will be completing a graphic organizer over civil war battles and will be making civil war trading cards to complete the year.  Students will be going on their field trip to Main Events on May 16. 

Mrs. Martin 

8th grade Math

We will finish working on Chapter 9 Geometry and Measurement.  They will identify solids, parts of solids and skew line segments.  They will calculate volume of prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones, spheres.  Lastly they will use proportions to find missing measurements of similar solids including surface area and volume.  We will then be working on Chapter 8 Transformations.  They will graph and describe translations, reflections, rotations and dilations in the coordinate plane.  They will learn to describe a sequence of transformations that map one figure onto another.  They will determine whether two figures are similar by using a sequence of transformations. Lastly we will work on Data Analysis.  They will interpret analyze and make scatter plots, determine the trend line, and construct two way tables and frequency tables.


Ms. Miller 

8th grade

Physical Science

We are going to be in a new book for the rest of the quarter - ​Sound and Light​. This book

covers properties of sound and light. It includes a study of waves, the speed of sound,

echoes, and the electromagnetic spectrum. I would like to end the quarter with students

designing a rocket and launching those rockets.

Mrs. Schneider

Word Processing


Advanced Word Processing  

Advanced Word Processing

Students are working on improving their memo and letter formatting skills.  Students will learn about special features for memos and letters.  The special features will include reference initials, attachment/enclosure notations, copy notations, blind copy notations, distribution lists, attention line for letters, subject lines for letters and inserting tables in letters.

Word Processing

Students are currently working to create PowerPoint presentations.  They are learning about how to use themes as well as how to insert clip art and pictures into their presentations.  Students will learn how to correctly use transition and animation to enhance their presentations.

Mrs. Schneider

Computer Applications

Students will begin the month by reviewing letter and memo formatting.  Then we will begin learning about modified block formatting of letters.  Students will learn how to add mailing notations and how to type using open or mixed punctuation.  Then students will learn how to use mail merge with letters and when creating labels for envelopes name badges, etc.

Mrs. Schneider

Business Essentials 

Students are currently studying different types of consumer credit.  We will explore the advantages and disadvantages of using credit.  Students will learn how to calculate interest and finance charges.  Students will discuss factors that might be considered when applying for credit.  We will finish the month with an online supplemental curriculum called Banzai.  In this real-world simulation students will follow the life of a recently graduated high school student, holding a job, working long hours, and making do with what life sends them.  Students will be introduced to the concept of financial literacy by following a budget and planning for unforeseen emergencies.

Mr. Freeman 


Students in Spanish 1 will prepare for and take the Spanish final.  Students will be testing in the areas of speaking, reading, writing and listening within the concepts and vocabulary that have been studied this year.  Students' performance will be rated based on ACTFL standards and they should strive to attain a Novice High rating for each skill.  We will also hold a "Spanish Auction" near the close of the semester to end the school year a little sweeter.

Mr. Sloop 

PE and Health 

Fitness Testing-- We will be finishing up all of our fitness testing.

With the remainder of the year we will take advantage of any nice days to go outside and do activities such as frisbee, frisbee golf and golf.

Health--  We will be reviewing the Muscles and Bones of the Body

Ms. Schreiner 


In May students are finishing up their photography unit.  They will take photos using new vantage points, and edit the pictures using the iPad application, Snapseed.  Students will then start a design contest for the PRMS Library.  7th and 8th graders in Art will work with partners to design an updated look for the library.  The winning design will be used to remodel the library over the summer.

The 6th grade students will be working on a Roman PBL this month in Art, History, and Math.  They will plan and execute a project based on life in Ancient Rome.

Our spring Fine Arts Night will be held Thursday, May 4th.  We will have all of the artwork from second semester on display in the PRMS gymnasium starting at 6pm.  Students will be able to take home their artwork that night. Please come and check out all the great work the students have created!  


Mrs. Miller 




All music classes will participate in Fine Arts Night on Thursday, May 4. Choir students will present the musical "RATS!" at 6:00 in the commons. The band concert will begin at 7:15 in the gym.


Costumes for RATS! are as follows;

6th grade students will be dressed as rats, wearing a matching sweatsuit in neutral colors.

7th and 8th grade band students participating in the play will be dressed as children, in shorts and t shirts.

7th and 8th grade choir students will be dressed as townspeople.


After our final concert, we will do the following;

Choir classes will be singing fun songs and student choices, and studying music history.

Band classes will be working in their books, and fun sheet music. (6th grade books 1 & 2, 7th and 8th grades book 2.)

Mr. Grimes

Applied Technology 

7th grade

7th graders are nearing the end of their Project Lead the Way curriculum and are in the final stages of their toy design. They need to build and test and possibly reevaluate their toys to determine whether the concept meets the requirements.


8th Grade

Eighth graders are in the assembly stage of their step stools and in the next a couple weeks will finish their projects. Students are currently researching and evaluating which stains and finishes best suit their wants and needs.



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